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Ref #Job TitleTown / CityDate Closing
170621-1Chief Risk Advisor, Ref No. DOTP 2017-47Cape Town2017/07/14View Details
170620-6Risk Advisor: Enterprise Risk Management, Ref No. DOTP 2017-46Cape Town2017/07/14View Details
170614-1Presiding Officer (hourly/daily rates payable on rotational basis), Ref No. DOTP 2017-49Cape Town2017/06/30View Details
170604-13Chief Supply Chain Management Clerk, Ref No. DOTP 2017-43Cape Town2017/06/26View Details
170604-12Supply Chain Management Practitioner, Ref No. DOTP 2017-42Cape Town2017/06/26View Details
170523-5Assistant Director: Internal Audit, Ref No. DOTP 2017-40Cape Town2017/06/26View Details
170512-5Assistant Director: Creative Design, Ref No. DOTP 2017-39Cape Town2017/06/26View Details
160721-3Chief Director: Policy and Strategy (2-year contract position), Ref No. DotP 2017-44Cape Town2017/07/04View Details