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Ref #Job TitleTown / CityDate Closing
171212-5Personal Assistant: Employee Relations, Ref No. DOTP 2017-112Cape Town2018/01/31View Details
171211-19Assistant Director: People Analytics, Ref No. DOTP 2017-77Cape Town2018/01/31View Details
171201-2Analyst Developer: Education/Cultural Affairs and Sport, Ref No. DOTP 2017-106Cape Town2018/01/22View Details
171129-21State Law Adviser: Legislation, Ref No. DOTP 2017-108Cape Town2018/01/31View Details
171129-13Forensic Consultant: Forensic Consultant Cluster B, Ref No. DOTP 2017-110Cape Town2018/01/31View Details
171127-5Network Technologist, Ref no. DOTP 2017-95Cape Town2018/01/22View Details
171124-27Chief Organisation Development Practitioner: Process Design and Improvement, Ref No. DOTP 2017-101Cape Town2018/01/22View Details
171124-26Business Analyst: Education, Culture Affairs and Sport (2 positions available for a 24 month contract period), Ref No. DOTP 2017-100Cape Town2018/01/22View Details
171124-23Project Manager: Economic Governance and Administration, Ref No. DOTP 2017-94Cape Town2018/01/22View Details
171122-1Personal Assistant: Process Design and Improvement, Ref No. DOTP 2017-102Cape Town2018/01/22View Details