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Ref #Job TitleTown / CityDate Closing
171013-7Professional Engineer: Traffic Engineering, Ref No. TPW 2017-220Cape Town2017/11/03View Details
171013-6Candidate Engineering Technician: Electrical (Contract position for 24 months), Ref No. TPW 2017-180Cape Town2017/11/03View Details
171013-5HR Practitioner: People Analytics – (Strategic Alignment and Improvement), Ref No. DOTP 2017-91Cape Town2017/11/03View Details
171013-4Geotechnical Assistant, Ref No. TPW 2017-192 (2 positions available)Cape Town2017/11/03View Details
171012-7Call Centre Manager, People Management, Ref No. DOTP 2017-90Cape Town2017/11/03View Details
171011-4Assistant Director: Contract Development, Ref No. TPW 2017-207Cape Town2017/11/03View Details
171009-1Director: Organisation Design (DotP 2017-97)Cape Town2017/11/13View Details
171006-3Procurement Officer: Supply Chain Management, Ref No. DEDAT 2017-19 (2 positions available)Cape Town2017/11/03View Details
171006-1State Accountant: Financial Management, Ref No. DEDAT 2017-18Cape Town2017/11/03View Details
171005-6Groundsman: Animal Health, Beaufort West, Ref No. AGR 2017-70Beaufort West2017/11/03View Details