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Ref #Job TitleTown / CityDate Closing
170620-2Administrative Support Officer: Institutional Capacity Building (ICB), Ref No. DSD 2017-66Cape Town2017/07/14View Details
170620-1Social Auxiliary Worker (George), Ref No. DSD 2017-67George2017/07/14View Details
170606-2Social Work Supervisor Grade 1, Ref No. DSD 2017-61Metro South Region2017/06/26View Details
170606-1Social Work Manager: Metro South Region, Ref No. DSD 2017-65Athlone2017/06/26View Details
170604-9Customer Care Assistant: Kraaifontein, DSD 2017-58 (2 positions available)Cape Town2017/06/26View Details
170604-10Administration Clerk: Metro East Logistical Services, Ref No. DSD 2017-60 (2 positions available)Cape Town2017/06/26View Details
170523-8Deputy Director: Quality Assurance and Monitoring, Ref No. DSD 2017-64De Novo - Kraaifontein2017/06/26View Details
170523-4Assistant Director: Bookkeeping and Financial Statements, Ref No. DSD 2017-63Cape Town2017/06/26View Details
170515-2Social Auxiliary Worker, Ref No. DSD 2017-62Clanwilliam2017/06/26View Details