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Ref #Job TitleTown / CityDate Closing
170814-9Social Worker: Social Work Services, Stellenbosch (4 positions available), Ref No. DSD 2017-80Paarl2017/09/01View Details
170814-8Administration Clerk: Logistical Services (2 positions available), Ref No. DSD 2017-82Worcester2017/09/01View Details
170814-6Supply Chain Management Clerk: Acquisitions Management (2 positions available), Ref No. DSD 2017-78Cape Town2017/09/01View Details
170814-10Social Worker: Social Work Services, Drakenstein (2 positions available), Ref No. DSD 2017-79Paarl2017/09/01View Details
170812-2Director: Early Childhood Development and Partial Care, Ref No. DSD 2017-59Cape Town CBD2017/09/04View Details
170811-9Social Worker: Social Work Services, Theewaterskloof (3 positions available), Ref No. DSD 2017-81Caledon2017/09/01View Details
170810-5Assistant Director: Knowledge Management, Ref No. DSD 2017-85Cape Town2017/09/01View Details
170810-11Supply Chain Management Practitioner: Performance and Compliance Management, Ref No. DSD 2017-83Cape Town2017/09/01View Details