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Ref #Job TitleTown / CityDate Closing
170623-1Control Engineering Technician, Winelands, Ref No. TPW 2016-229 HHPaarl2017/07/14View Details
170621-5Deputy Director: ICT Service, Management Support, Ref No. TPW 2017-82Cape Town2017/07/14View Details
170621-4Deputy Director: Revenue and Receivables, Ref No. TPW 2017-79Cape Town2017/07/14View Details
170621-3Deputy Director: Accounts (Assets and Liabilities), Ref No. TPW 2017-80Cape Town2017/07/14View Details
170621-2Deputy Director: Expenditure (Purchase and Payable), Ref No. TPW 2017-81Cape Town2017/07/14View Details
170615-9Specialist Engineer, Road Design (6 years’ contract position), Ref No. TPW 2017- 83Cape Town2017/07/10View Details
170615-8Professional Engineer: Traffic Engineering (2 positions available), Ref No. TPW 2017-90Cape Town2017/07/10View Details
170615-7Professional Engineer: Construction and Maintenance, Ref No. TPW 2017-86Cape Town2017/07/10View Details
170615-6Professional Engineer: Development Planning, Ref No. TPW 2017-84Cape Town2017/07/10View Details
170615-5Chief Engineer: Structural Design, Ref No. TPW 2017-88Cape Town2017/07/10View Details